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A tower defence game created in the Unreal Engine 4! Use a combination of mazes, towers and units to defend against the endless horde of incoming enemies trying to destroy your core across several maps.

Take control of a powerful empire, set in an alternative earth during the middle ages, looking to expand its land to gather more resources. Using a combination of the magical elements and raw steel, hold off the relentless resistance for as long as possible, before moving on to the next area.


- Strategically place any of the four towers based on the elements along the enemies path.

- Upgrade them by combining it with any other element.

- Take advantage of the seasons, which bring upsides and downsides to towers.

- Experiment with a total of 56 unique tower combinations.

- Tactically call in units of your own, fighting the enemy on foot.

- Always be prepared! The enemies are random every single level.

- Optimise your tower placements by building mazes in the enemies path.

- Explore three different levels.

Created by Daniel Holme Huglen.


Install instructions

Unzip, and run the executable.


Build1.0(Publish).zip 311 MB

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